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Joy In Relationships
Work on creating beautiful moments in your relationship amidst hardships, misunderstandings, lack of communication and more! Gain insights that build beautiful interactions with others.

Let’s face it, relationships are difficult. They are uncertain, subject to change at any given moment because of the human condition. People are difficult to understand, and because we all bring our own set of unique conditions and emotional baggage to every situation, we let unintentional communication sway our actions and reactions . . . whether those are good or bad.

When we do not conscientiously monitor our emotional states while engaging with people in our lives, we allow toxicity to creep into our relationships. And when that toxicity gets in, it ruins our interactions. The more we let it run amuck unchecked, is the greater the chaos becomes as we lose site on what caused those relationships to develop in the first place. Moreover, we begin to feel to sour about them, and thus pour more negativity on them as time goes on.

I learned how powerful my words were a long time ago, when someone I cared about heard words I could never take back. I regret it, but I've learned.

We all have had that moment we will forever be able to identify when we played a part in wrecking a relationship, right? Although we may not be able to fix that one, we can enter our new relationships with powerful insights and thoughtful actions that make us better.

These coaching sessions are established to help my clients reveal the components within their current career functions and job roles that mean most to them. We laser in on those components to figure out which ones of them bring about true happiness and joy.

Some worksheets I recommend we work as we get you to find Joy In Relationships are as follows:

  • Creating Fulfillment in Your Work
  • Bridging the Gap

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plurapreneur®, n. - a person who intentionally sets out to organize and operate several businesses, while taking on greater than normal financial risk in order to do so.