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Life In Optimal Health
Great health is a state of mind that improves your emotional wellbeing! When you feel good, you look good too. Healthy living also feeds your soul!

Life is so busy for many of us that it distracts us from taking care of our bodies. We fail to realize that we can only be our best when we operate in optimal health. When we feel well, we perform well. And when we feel bad, we tend to do our work or engage in our relationships only to attain suboptimal results. Thus, while we might keep striving to do all we can to meet deadlines and maintain our work and social lifestyles, we might also be unintentionally destroying our bodies because we don’t carve out time to recharge and revitalize our healthy conscious and well-being.

When we fail to operate in optimal health, our bodies will let us know. This I know for sure. I experienced suboptimal health due to self-neglect firsthand when stress associated with my intense engineering career affected my eyesight. Now I know what I must do to balance my work life with living a healthy life.

And I know other people I coach are capable of attaining that same balance as well.

These coaching sessions are provided to assist my clients with reaching their best levels of health to build the lives around them they deserve. They are not limited to simply loosing weight or exercising more. Healthly living comes in many shapes and forms; thus, we figure out what works best according to the situation at hand.

Some worksheets I recommend we work as we get you to Live In Optimal Health are as follows:

  • Creating Fulfillment in Your Work
  • Bridging the Gap

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plurapreneur®, n. - a person who intentionally sets out to organize and operate several businesses, while taking on greater than normal financial risk in order to do so.