Daymond The Brand, CLC
I am the Original Plurapreneur®.
Your Success Strategist & Life Coach

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Training Overview
Training & Workshops for Personal Branding & Success Strategies. Corporate & Entrepreneurship Methods for Authentic Personal Development with Strategic Evolution.

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  • Branding
  • Personal Branding 101
  • In this 2-Hour Training Course, you will learn the intricacies of a personal brand, then take control of yours! Whether you know it or not, you already have a brand. Are you expressing the right thing?
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  • Success Strategy
  • Success System VSM
  • In this 2-day work shop, delve into a real plan for strategizing your success. From Conception to Actualization, engineer your Success!
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The Benefits of My Coaching

Clearly define what you want out of life for working toward making that happen.
Unleash confidence from within to enable yourself to show the world what you're capable of doing.
Implement actions to accomplish what you've only been thinking of.

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Certified by
Life Purpose Institute

plurapreneur®, n. - a person who intentionally sets out to organize and operate several businesses, while taking on greater than normal financial risk in order to do so.